STA Football Rules Test

Let’s learn the rules of Flag Football

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How long does the offense have to snap the ball after the official spots the ball?

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How does an offensive play begin?

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How long does the offense have to throw the ball past the line of scrimmage?

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We are allowed to rush the ball from behind the line of scrimmage?

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If a pass is intercepted, the playing who intercepted can:

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A pass from the quarterback must always be:

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On defense you can strip the ball and push players out of bounds?

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On offense you can protect your flags by guarding, hacking or holding the flags so the defensive player cannot pull them>

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Pulling an offensive player’s flag before they have the ball will result in a penalty of how many yards?

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As a ball carrier I can run with head down and dive as I need to?

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As a ball carrier you can run over, charge or straight arm your defensive opponent?

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After a touchdown is scored the offense get’s to attempt a conversion.  How many point is the conversion worth?

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How many points is a touchdown worth?

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Once the defensive player pulls the flag of the offensive ball carrier/receiver, he must:

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How many downs does the offense have to get the ball into the “zone”?

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How do the defensive rusher’s identify themselves prior to the play?

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How many players are on the field on offense and defense at one time

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Once the rusher passes the scrimmage line their hands should remain below which level?

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How many rushers are allowed on a single play on defesne?

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How far back from the line of scrimage must the defensive rusher(s) line up?

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When your shirt isn’t tucked and you’re not wearing a flag, The official will warn you first and then if the problem continues what kind of penalty will you receive?

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The game of flag-football is played with eight (8) offensive players & ________ defensive players.

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Teams have ____ seconds to put the ball in play from the time the official spots the ball.

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Being part of the STA Flag Football Team means you will:

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  • Work to become a better leader on and off the field

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